You can have it all – career fulfillment and motherhood combined 

Returning to work after maternity leave can be daunting, overwhelming and stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be.

We want women to be inspired, empowered and equipped to thrive in their careers beyond motherhood.

Whether you are heading back to your current role, changing career direction or starting your own business, you can find the support you need here.

Through The Smooth Return Course, The Collective Membership and individual coaching, we provide resources and strategies that will prepare you for a first class return to work.


It was great timing to do The Smooth Return Course at this stage of my maternity leave, as now I feel more confident about putting a good return to work plan in place. By planning this way, it has taken a lot of the anxiety out of the looming return, so I can really enjoy my last few months of leave more.


Marketing Director (Smooth Return Course Participant)

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