On today’s episode, I speak to an amazing mum of 2, author and entrepreneur, Suzanne Browne

She interviewed over 100 women in preparation for writing her book, Mompowerment: Insights from Successful Professional Part-Time Working Moms Who Balance Career and Family. 

Here is what you will learn from today’s episode 

  • Adjustments to make as you transition into part-time work
  • How to incorporate self-care in your day
  • The importance of building in breathing space in your busy schedule
  • Being intentional about how you approach your to-do lists
  • How to communicate with your spouse about the support you need
  • The reality of spending a lot of time with your children

Links & References 

30 day Q & A video bundle 

Balanced Working Mum Challenge 

Mompowerment book 

Pomodoro method 





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