Are you ready to be successful as a lawyer and a mum?


I’m Janine, a lawyer and career coach for lawyer mums just like you. I help female lawyers to reduce burn-out, fear and overwhelm and empower them to build careers that they love whilst making time for the other important things in life.

I know how hard it is to figure this lawyer mum juggle out. Both roles are important to you and both roles are demanding. It is totally understandable that you “park” trying to work out how to get these two roles in your life to fit together. Been there, done that!

But, you have to make some tough decisions or make changes at some point.  

I want you to thrive. You have come so far on your journey into the profession. I want to help you stay here (if that is what you want!) or recalibrate in the most efficient way. I want you to look forward to work and still feel able to maintain outside interests and connections. I want you to welcome motherhood without the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that many lawyer mums face.

Seriously, you only get one shot at this journey called life, and it is too short to be miserable and stressed. I will help you to create a career and home life that works for you, and has you jumping out of bed on a your first working day of the week.

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Working with individual lawyers is only part of the equation, I also run workshops,  webinars and courses for law firms who want to do more to support and retain their talented female lawyers after they become parents.

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  • I am the wife to an amazing, supportive, talented and kind-hearted husband
  • I am the mother to an awesome, intelligent, gorgeous 2 year year old boy with another baby on the way
  • I am an extrovert – I love meeting and connecting with people
  • I am committed to learning new things and could be described as a personal development geek
  • I am a Christian who has been on an amazing journey of faith


  • I am a qualified lawyer with 5 years post qualification experience and over 10 years experience working within law firms and organisations in the UK and US
  • I spent the early part of my legal career working as a corporate associate within a leading UK law firm. After becoming a mother I left private practice and began working as legal counsel for an international company in the oil and gas industry
  • I am a certified life / career coach and associate member of the Association for Coaching.
  • I am known for empowering people to embrace change and achieve their potential
  • I am ambitious, driven and focused
  • I have featured on well known blogs and podcasts such as The Huffington Post and Lawyers in Balance


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