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Being a working parent is both challenging and rewarding. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the many things one needs to juggle on a daily basis. There is managing the home, the spouse, the children, your clients, your career, your personal development etc (and the list goes on).

There are so many moving parts.

The good news is there are many tools and resources to help you reduce any struggle in your juggle. However, identifying which resources are going to be useful to you can be time consuming. So, I am cutting down your research time and providing a list for you.

These are my recommended resources to help you manage your life as a busy lawyer mum.


These tools will help you to get organised and increase your productivity:

1. Trello

Trello is an amazing free web based project management tool that helps you to keep track of everything in your life. You can create Pinterest style boards for different projects and structure your to-do lists in a way that helps you stay on top of things without feeling overwhelmed.

I use Trello to run my coaching business, manage work projects, run my household and plan family activities. It has been a game changer for me. Life is so much more organised now. 

2. Asana

Asana is an alternative project management tool. Instead of being organised by boards and cards, the information is presented in list format. So, if you are less motivated by visuals and love a list, this option may be more appropriate for you.

3. Google Docs

How many times a day do you do a google search? Google has changed the way we find information. Google also has a number of free apps and programs that more people should know about.

Google docs features web based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications which allow you to save all edits in real time and access them via your google drive from any device. You can also share documents with other people.

This means you can edit documents wherever you are, collaborate with colleagues and clients and have the flexibility to access the documents whenever you need to. If you work remotely or on group projects, Google docs can enhance your flexible working experience.

4. 1 Password

How many times have you had to re-set one of your passwords and spent precious time logging into your email to find the password reset? 1Password is an app which generates secure passwords for each of your online accounts and stores them so that all you need to remember is you 1Password.

5. Passion Planner

The passion planner helps you to take your goals and break them down into actionable mini-goals. The passion planner provides daily encouragement to move towards your goals and also prompts you to allocate time slots to complete the tasks that ultimately lead to achieving your goals.

6. Acuity Scheduler

This is an online scheduler that will save you so much time when setting up meetings and calls with people. You can avoid going back and forth via email with clients, colleagues or mummy friends about dates that you are available by updating your availability in the calendar. You then send the link to your calendar to the person you are arranging a date with. Once they book a slot, you will both receive email confirmation. It is awesome!


I discovered podcasts when I was on maternity leave with my son. I was able to get a daily fix of adult conversation and learn new things in a convenient way. I would listen to podcasts while looking after my baby, going for walks, doing household chores, driving etc.

Podcasting is growing year on year, with new shows popping up in i-tunes all the time. If you haven’t jumped on the podcasting bandwagon start today. Here are some great shows hosted by lawyers that I recommend you get started with:

7. The More Than A Lawyer Podcast

I love podcasts so much that I decided to launch my own! The MTL podcast provides tips, tools, strategies to support lawyer mums who want to build a career they love whilst raising a family. The weekly show features inspirational guest interviews with lawyers and non-lawyers about their working mother experiences and solo shows where I share useful advice on career management and creating a lifestyle that works for you.

Season 2 of the show will be launching in July and will feature some amazing guests who are making a huge impact to the lives of women in the legal profession.

8. Happy Lawyer Project Podcast

Okeoma Moronu is a corporate associate, mother of two and amazing host on this show. She interviews guests about their life and career journeys and dives into what it means to be a happy lawyer. She gives practical tips and strategies for living a life that you enjoy whilst leveraging your law degree.

9. The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast

Nicole Abboud is a former lawyer who interviews millennial lawyers who are taking non-traditional paths in the legal profession. Her guests share their interesting and inspiring stories that involve taking risks in our risk averse industry. Nicole also shares her personal business building journey as she transitions from being a lawyer to running a media company for lawyers who want to leverage video marketing.

10. Hustle & Flow Podcast

Heather Hubbard is a former law firm partner turned coach for lawyers. On this show she provides tips and advice for building a successful legal career. Her show helps listeners find balance between working hard to get ahead in your career (Hustle) and looking after yourself to avoid burnout (Flow). 


11. Baby Proof Your Life by Caroline Flanagan

This book needs to be on every professional woman’s bookshelf. Caroline provides excellent guidance on how to baby proof your career so that you don’t have to walk away from the career you worked hard to build once your baby arrives

12. Mother’s Work: How to get a grip on guilt and make a smooth return to work by Jessica Chivers

This book brings together the experiences of many working mothers. It also provides clear and practical guidance for making a smooth transition back to work. A great read.

13. Audible

If you can’t find time to read the books on your reading list, you should start listening to audiobooks. You can choose from more than 200,000 titles and listen to books on the go. Click here to get a Free 30 day Trial*.


When you have been out of the office for a while and your regular conversations revolve around playgroup times, child developmental milestones and how to get your baby to sleep, you may wonder whether technical legal points will ever be at the forefront of your mind again. Well, sites like this one can really help.

14. Lexology – This free resource provides customised legal updates which enable you to get up to speed on recent developments in your practice area. You can get updates and notifications sent directly to your email mailbox.


If you are returning to work after maternity leave or an extended break and feel that the traditional way of practicing law is not working for you and your family, you may want to consider legal consulting. There are a number of companies that can support you in getting started as a legal consultant. I have had a great experience with Obelisk.

15. Obelisk Support

Obelisk is an award winning company which provides flexible working options for talented consultant lawyers and works with organisations who require lawyers to join their teams on a flexible basis. 

That is my round-up of useful resources for lawyer mums. If you like this list, you are going to love my new FREE Resource Library. It includes guides, templates, checklists and training designed for lawyer mums to help support you as you grow and develop inside and outside of the law. The library will continue to be updated on a monthly basis with fresh new content. Sign up and gain instant access today, 

Free Resource Library For Female Lawyers


*This is an affiliate link – if you sign up for a trial, I will receive a small commission.  


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