Step 1: Watch this TEDx talk and get to know Janine

Step 2: Apply To See If You Qualify

You’ve now learned a bit about my career journey. If you are ready to push past the fear and move boldly towards a career that allows you to increase your impact, influence and income then apply now. My Coaching Programs are designed to help you stop playing small so that you can transition into a dream role.   

REAL RESULTS from previous clients

Case Study: Christina Kyriacou

Landed Two job Offers In Two Different Industries In 90 Days


Case Study: Lia Machado

Voluntary Redundancy To New Role In New Industry in 8 Weeks


Case Study: Angie Bryan 

Gained the courage to pursue a career she didn’t think was possible for her


Case Study: Julie Billings

Returned to work after a two-year career break


Case Study: Jennifer Kantor 

Changed practice area AND got promoted in less than 4 months 

Case Study: Nolly Maseko

After 6 years in the same company, landed an ideal role within 7 weeks

Case Study: Caitlyn M.

Landed a more senior role in a new industry with an increased salary

Even more success stories…

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