the balanced working mum challenge

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of to-dos?

Do you wonder how you can balance the demands of life as a working mother?



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I’ll help you to achieve more at work and at home, so that you can balance work and family life in a way that doesn’t result in burnout

Balanced working mum challenge was just what I needed. As a mumpreneur, it’s very important for me to have clear focus and this 5 day challenge helped me set my priorities right. Every day, I got an email to do a small activity to help reflect on my goals as well as include self-care to avoid burnout and achieve work-life balance. It was also great fun to read other participants answers in the group and have a conservation around this topic. Mums, take this challenge to work on your work-life balance!
Komal Mansoor

Content Marketing Strategist,

I participated in ‘The Balanced Working Mum Challenge’ and I am so glad I took the time to do it. In just five days, I was reminded of the importance of things such as prioritizing my daily tasks and creating time for self care. Janine is so engaging and provided the steps for me to do it in a non-stressful way. Well worth it!
Crystal Barrow

I am so glad I took part in the Balanced Working Mum Challenge. It gave me some really useful strategies for managing the competing demands of work and family, and working through the challenge with other group members was so interesting (and I got some great tips!).
Bev Loczy

Business Support Manager,

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