If not this, then what? 


When ambitious high-achieving women like you consider making a career change, this question always comes up.

After working so hard to get to this stage in your career, what else could you possibly do?

I know it is hard to figure out what else you could or would do when you have been so focused on developing your career in your industry or sector.

 The work landscape has changed and the nature of work is evolving. There are so many different types of roles that didn’t really exist before. 

I have summarised 17 of those career options for you in a downloadable guide to give you some inspiration.

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17 totally different career options after baby that didn’t exist before

              Here is what is included in the guide: 

              >> Flexible career options within different industries

              >> Summary of current market trends

              >> Recommendations on how to match your current experience with a new                                    career path 

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