Dear new (soon to be working) mum

I know the time with your new baby has been awesome. Those snuggles, those giggles, those gummy smiles.

Who knew that you could love someone so much!

The daily moments you have shared have been amazing and you will forever cherish them.

Now its time to think about returning to work. It all feels a bit overwhelming.

How will you return to the career that you worked so hard to build?

The hours were long, the work was intense. Can your current baby brain get back into gear? Can you even get the flexibility you need to work around childcare?

There are lots of questions and lots to figure out.

Let me assure you of one thing. It is possible for you to continue your career and be a great mum.

Things may look a little different…different hours, different role, different industry or starting out on your own.

And that is ok. You can work in a way that works for you and your family.

If you have birthed and nurtured a little human, you can absolutely figure out life as a working parent.

You have got this!

Janine x

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