This is a milestone episode and I am so so excited to have reached episode 100!!

I share a lot about career change on this show, so I thought it would be great to pull back the curtain on my experiences with career changes over the past 8 years.

I want to share with you the decisions that I made and the lessons that I learned with each of the following transitions:

1.  Qualifying as a corporate lawyer

2. Launching a business (and a portfolio career)

3. Leaving my first law firm to join another

4. Moving into an in-house legal counsel role at an international company

5. Working as a legal consultant

6. Joining a start-up in the professional development/coaching industry

I have developed professionally so much over the past 6 years. I am nowhere close to the type of person I was when we first started this journey. Tune in to hear my biggest takeaways and lessons.

Enrolment is now open for The Career Clarity Academy. If you would like support with making sure your next career move is the right one, book a call with me.

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