Welcome to Day Three of the Career Change Makers Sprint Challenge.

In this episode, Janine breaks down one of the key things you need to be considering as you embark on your career change journey.

As you listen, you will be inspired to focus on your strengths so that you can leverage them in your next role.

What you will take away from this episode:-

  • Why you may be looking for career change inspiration in the wrong place
  • The power of understanding your strengths
  • The easy way to narrow your focus and target a role that is a good fit for you

Make sure you spend some time doing the exercises given in this episode and then connect with Janine and fellow aspiring career change makers here:


Tune into day 4 of the Career Change Maker Sprint Challenge >> www.lightboxcoaching.com/episode92

For more information about The Career Clarity Academy visit www.lightboxcoaching.com/academy

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