In today’s episode, I will be speaking about how to best articulate yourself to a hiring team as there is no place for modesty during a job search.

What you will learn: 

  1. The importance of being very specific about your experience and expertise
  2. How to confidently articulate the value you can bring to an organisation
  3. Why remembering that an interview is a two way process is crucial to your interview success

The importance of being specific about your experience.

If you’re wondering why no one is contacting you about a role you applied for. Take a look at your CV or resume. Don’t just write out generic responsibilities, gain the attention of the hiring manager by speaking their language. Clearly demonstrate your experience and make it easy for them to recognise that you are a high calibre candidate. You want them to quickly see that you can add value to the company, organisation, or client.

How not to be too arrogant in an interview

If you’re worried about being too arrogant in an interview, then you’re probably arrogant. Show the hiring panel that you have what it takes to be a shining star in the role. Fully articulate your strengths. If you want the job, before you leave the interview, make sure they know why you are the right candidate for the role. Don’t leave them guessing.

Don’t wait for permission

A lot of people are hesitant about sharing stories that don’t appear to be relevant to the questions asked. When I was training to become a lawyer, I did a 12 month internship at a law firm in New York. I talked about New York a lot when I started applying to law firms as I knew it would differentiate my skill set from other candidates. If there is an open question or an opportunity to speak to interesting work you’ve done or projects you’ve worked on, take the time to address it and weave it into the conversation.

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