In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about fear of success and help you determine whether it’s been holding you back as you progress in your career.

What you will learn

  1. Preparing for transition in your career
  2. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  3. Hype yourself up

Preparing for transition in your career

Have you ever felt that preparing for transition in your career is overwhelming? If yes, know that it’s a common emotion. But, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming every time you make a change.

If you have been overachieving on your job and afraid of going further, don’t be afraid. You should embrace and appreciate the milestones you have made and the growth you have experienced.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We’ve all heard the saying get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s true. Start by taking small risks that challenge you in a way to give your new employer a visual of what you’ve accomplished. I guarantee this will set you apart from other candidates.

Hype yourself up

If there is one thing we should all do as we make a transition, is hype yourself up. It’s good for your soul and it will make you feel that much more confident in your capabilities. It’s even better when you’re in amongst a group of like minded people to give you the support you need.

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