In today’s episode, I will be speaking about why you don’t have to retrain to find job satisfaction.

What you will learn: 

  1. How to maximize your efforts
  2. Kick your fear to the curb
  3. Find opportunities that match your existing skills

Maximize your efforts A great way to know what you’re capable of is documenting your milestones you’ve made on the job. You are maximizing your efforts by identifying colleagues and your manager who can speak on behalf of your skills and what you’ve contributed to. There should be a picture painted for your employer to understand your accomplishments from not just you but from those who have worked closely with you. Kick your fear to the curb There are times when we exhibit fear, it’s natural. We tell ourselves over and over again we’re not good enough to do this because we tend to overthink and assume what we have to offer is irrelevant. But, I’m here to tell you to kick your fear to the curb. No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you. Don’t let the fear hold you back, keep moving forward! Find opportunities that match your existing skills You can find opportunities that match your existing skills. Start by reaching out to someone who has the same skills you possess and has made a career transition. You could reach out to someone in your network or via social media. This can help you see what roles you might be interested in. There are many resources at your disposal, use them. Other podcast episodes that you may also like Stop Overlooking Experience And Missing Out On Opportunities Are You Overlooking Relevant Experience And Missing Out On Opportunities? THIS EPISODE IS BOUGHT TO YOU BY THE CAREER CLARITY ACADEMY This episode was brought to you by my signature program, the Career Clarity Academy. If you are looking for support with changing career direction, book a suitability call >> Want to connect with others who are on a career change journey too? Join the Career Change Made Simple Facebook community.

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