In this episode, I’m excited to share my interview with Jen Kantor who was one of my amazing clients who achieved big things recently.

In our interview we discuss digging deep and asking yourself the question like “why you are feeling frustrated and stuck in your current job role or career?” “what are your personal values and are they aligned with your work values?”.

Sometimes there’s a misalignment and that’s where your fears disbeliefs and self doubt all comes into play resulting in you procrastinating.

Jen talks about realising the misalignment and confronting it face on, finding that work-life balance and enjoying what she likes doing. And her results are outstanding in such a short timescale.

We discus that the program has a friendly approach like family supporting each other. How important it is to know you are not alone on your journey you are among other people going through the same experience despite being in different parts of the world.


This episode was brought to you by my signature program, the CAREER CLARITY ACADEMY

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