In this episode I talk about the six letter word that is stopping you from making your next career move.

Often we compare ourselves to others in different areas of our lives, you may compare yourself to other colleagues or other parents, saying things like “I should do execute my tasks like her”, or “I should raise my children like them”.

But in reality we are all different and our journeys are different. Your journey is your journey, no one else’s.

If you find yourself not happy in your role, explore what needs to change. What is causing you to feel that “I should be happy in my role”.

Even though it’s where you chose to be, maybe your values have changed, maybe your goals have shifted. It could be you like your role but something is missing somewhere, explore what is missing and make that change however big or small.

It is not an overnight process but once you identify what’s missing you can address it and transition into a role or career that is more satisfying and fulfilling.

What you will learn:

  • How to Identify the type of career change that is right for you
  • The power of exploring why you are are feeling frustrated in your career
  • The impact the opinion of others have on you and how you can be more intentional about the influences you allow to guide your decisions.

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