In this episode I have a very interesting discussion with Kt Brantney who is Co- founder of OwnTrail.

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to develop new friendships as an adult
  2. What to do when you don’t aspire to progress to the top in your current role
  3. The power of thinking holistically about the contribution you want to make to the work that you do
  4. The lessons and beauty that come from celebrating your journey and being open to possibilities

We talk about Kt’s career journey, how her love for writing, story telling and connecting people would eventually lead to working in a range of different sectors and industries that were is some way connected to marketing.

After having her baby Kt knew she wanted to work for herself but wasn’t quite sure how to achieve it, or what direction to go in. But was still open to possibilities.

We discuss why it’s ok not to have your journey figured and highlight the benefit of being open to learning and continuing to learn everyday. As Kt goes on to explain “everyone is a beginner in what they are doing”. We talk about power not only in the big moves we make but also the little moves. Making several little moves you can still lead to achieving a big leap.

We discuss how Kt met her co-founder at an event liked her and asked her her out on a coffee date afterwards. At this coffee date Rebecca told Kt about a business idea she has. And the rest is history!!

Kt and Rebecca both quit their jobs and launched OwnTrail February 2020 and the company is going from strength to strength.

Want to learn more about OwnTrail connect with Kt.

Connect with Kt

Website –
LinkedIn –

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