In this episode I talk about whether it is too late to make a career change.

When you are considering a career change there are a lot of questions that you ask yourself, such as am I too old? Is this the right time to make the move or will I have to start all over again?

You are not too old. You have gained a depth and breadth of experience that will be valuable to a future  employer. If you don’t make the move now, when will you make the move? Now is a good time to make that career move that you have been procrastinating about.

Making a career move doesn’t have to equal starting over.

With all the sacrifices you have made. All of the hard work that has gone into getting to this stage of your career need not to be wasted. Over the years you have gained so much valuable experience which is easily overlooked. Recognise your knowledge as value then its so much easier to filter out your transferable skills for your new career path.

Have a plan and be strategic, take control so you can put your next steps in place to achieve your ideal role.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of being strategic and positioning yourself for new opportunities.
  • How to put action steps in place to actually achieve your goals
  • The power of planning ahead and believing in yourself

Being strategic and positioning yourself for new opportunities – Positioning yourself in different circles that you are not familiar with will expose you to new opportunities

Putting action steps in place – Putting action steps makes sure you are following your journey step by step and not missing out any important parts of the process

Planning how you will accomplish you new career – Putting a plan in place is very helpful, you can refer back to this at any point if you feel you are deviating from your goal

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