In this episode I talk about why you deserve a better role so you can stop feeling unhappy in your work.

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. That is a lot of time spent, that you can never get back. Finding a role that is aligned to you, not only helps you but also improves the world we live in. The more people in the right roles, the happier people will be.

You can bring your whole self to the work that you do and make more of an impact.

A powerful quote by Gay Hendrix ” The goal in life is not to obtain some imaginary ideal, it is to find and fully own your gifts “. What an interesting quote! When you started your career journey you were probably very young, saw all these opportunities and put your ideal job role on a pedastal. It is unlikely that you took YOU into consideration when you landed your current role. If you didn’t think about your values, your strengths or how you like to work, it explains why you are feeling the way you feel about your role now.

What you will learn:

  • How to align who you naturally are with your work values
  • How to find a career that allows you to be yourself
  • The power of finding and owning your gifts

How to align who you are naturally with your work values – By aligning who you are naturally with your work values, you can show up to work everyday performing at your best.

How to find a career that allows you to be yourself- Doing an audit is the best way to raise your level of self awareness, so that you can find a role that truly integrates and is aligned with your lifestyle.

The power of finding and owning your gifts – After you have done your audit you should have a better understanding of your gifts and be able describe your gifts, talents and value with confidence.

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