I’m excited to talk about this topic, as this topic pops up every now and again.

I can understand why you may say you don’t have the experience to go for what you want. When you look at the job specification you realise you don’t have all of the skills and you also lack the experience that is required. You think the only option is to start all over again, go back to university and study for the next two to three years. So you dismiss the opportunities as an option.

What if you shifted your thinking, from “I can’t do it,” to “how could I do it?” Start thinking beyond the job specification, start thinking about what value you bring to your current role, what impact are you making in your organisation.

Its so easy to overlook the value you bring to your organisation because you show up to work, put your head down and do your work. It’s something you do naturally so you may find it hard to articulate.

What you will learn:

  • How to plan your career move objectively and strategically
  • The importance of owning your skills and experiences
  • The overlooked way to bridge any skills gaps.

Planning your career move objectively and strategically- By using this process you are able to place yourself in different situations which could result in new and more opportunities being available to you.

Owning your skills and experiences- When you actually recognise your skill and experiences it can bring out another level of confidence and you are able to articulate your value to the relevant organisation with belief and confidence.

Develop a personal curriculum tailored for you – There are so many resources out there nowadays that allow you to develop your own personalised curriculum without having to complete lengthy programs.

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