In this episode I would like to share with you the one thing you need to make a successful career change and that is commitment.

If you are someone who is feeling frustrated at work and you are looking for a career change it is highly possible that you are just jumping straight into looking for a new role with no real direction, as you haven’t really decided what type of role you would like to do.

You may start updating your CV, looking for a new role, applying for jobs and submitting application forms. Unfortunately, this approach which has no structure and not strategic will leave you feeling even more frustrated. Why?

You haven’t identified what type of role you want. You know you want to do something different but you’re not quite sure what different looks like so you start applying for any role.

When you are not clear on what different looks like and you’ve just gone full steam ahead with the action unfortunately all the time spent submitting application forms, reaching out to organisations and updating your CV can feel like it is wasted. The scatter gun approach can lead you to not much of a return.

Instead, looking for a new role in the right strategic way and making a commitment to the process will allow you position yourself for new opportunities.

what you will learn:

  • The importance of establishing your commitment to the process
  • Why you need to stay consistent to the process
  • The power of using data to make your career change

Establishing your commitment to the process – Committing to the process and doing things in the right order can lead to in amazing results.

Staying consistent to the process- Staying consistent in the process and not giving up when obstacles are thrown in your path is the difference between being successful or not.

Using data to make a career change – Data driven decisions allow you to have confidence in the direction that you choose.

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