There are a lot of people who consider making a career move, but many just don’t take any action towards it. Maddy Lee-Smith (my amazing client) is not one of these people…

In this episode, we have a very interesting conversation about Maddy’s journey from being a project manager for 20+ years, where she felt unfulfilled, to going through my program, finding new opportunities and creating a plan on how to move forward.

I’m sure many people will resonate with Maddy as she shares how she felt when she first left University – she was excited to get into the working world, believing that the world was her oyster. She found herself quickly moving into projects as a business analyst, a developer and then into project management.

However, Maddy eventually noticed a pattern that she didn’t feel fulfilled in her roles, and every two years found herself moving around. She just wasn’t sure what it was that she did want…

Maddy noticed that there was a lot of information on the internet about feeling fulfilled in your role and being happy at work. She decided that she had reached a time in her life where, “I have the choice now to do something different”.

Maddy joined my program and began to feel more enthusiastic and empowered, actually “believing a career move is possible for me”. It was reassuring for her to be surrounded by people who had also trained for years, from different walks in life, but were feeling unfulfilled in their careers, as she had thought she was alone.

Whilst on the program, Maddy identified the importance of mindset and the beliefs that we hold. After all, if you don’t believe you can, you’re not going to take the action that is required to make it happen.

We discuss some of Maddy’s challenges, stepping out of her comfort zone and some of the actions she took that helped her move forward – talking to people who had already made a career change, gathering data and writing to her 75 years old self.

Maddy goes on to explain that she found the framework of my program was a gamechanger for her – using data in order to make a data-driven decision, instead of a decision based on assumptions.
I explain how, as professional and ambitious women, it’s so easy to get caught up in the doing of other people’s roles, that we don’t take the time to think about “what do I want?”

My program provides the space to think through what is important to you, think in new and different ways and to shift your mindset around what you think is possible.

After completing the program, Maddy now has a clear plan and new opportunities. What’s your plan?

What you will learn:

  • How to focus more on what it is you actually want to do
  • The importance of building your self-belief
  • How to collect data for evidence to drive strategic career decisions

How to focus more on what it is you actually want to do – when you focus on what you want, first and foremost, you can then take the action steps, and the ‘how’ will naturally fall into place. You will find yourself naturally thinking of different ways to achieve your goals.

The importance of building your self-belief – it’s so important to start believing you can achieve anything you want. When you start to believe you can, you shift your perspective and start thinking about the possible opportunities.

How to collect data for evidence to drive strategic career decisions – collecting data is such a vital tool for giving you clarity. With this data you’re able to plan your career journey in a strategic way and take action accordingly.

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