In this episode, I discuss how you can identify what type of career change to make.

When you know you want to make a career change, one of the hardest decisions to make is what type of career move to pursue.

When you know what type of move you are making, it is so much easier to create the right type of action plan.

In this first of a series of three podcasts, I cover the first of three options you have when making a career move – the SHIFT.

I share what it means to make a SHIFT and the most effective and efficient way to go about it.

Often, if you’re feeling frustrated or stuck in your career, you think you need to do something totally different.

You might assume the change you need to make is a huge LEAP.

But from my experience, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you just need to make a SHIFT or a PIVOT.

Today, I cover what it means to make a SHIFT in your career and what are the steps you need to take.

What you will learn:

  • The 3 different types of career move
  • Why making a shift is an option often overlooked
  • The 2 things that will help you identify if the shift is what you need to do

The 3 different types of career move – There are 3 different ways that you can make a career move – the shift, the pivot and the leap. Discover in this podcast series which is the one for you.

Why making a shift is often overlooked – Many people think they need to make a huge change if they are unhappy in their career. You’ll discover why making a small shift can often give you big results.

The 2 things that will help you identify if the shift is what you need to do – I share with you how to make an audit and the importance of taking time to reflect.

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