In this episode, I discuss the identify shifts that must happen if you want to make a career change.

It’s so important to separate two things – who you are and what you do.

These two things can start to blur into one along your journey. After all, when someone asks you about yourself, it’s likely you mention your job role.

When you are identifying yourself as that person and you’re really rooted in what you do, there’s a problem when you decide that you no longer want to do that, you go for a promotion (hello, imposter syndrome!) go on maternity leave, or take a career break.

In this situation, so many people find themselves asking ‘who will I be if I no longer do the thing I identify myself as?’

But who you are is who you are, regardless of what you do. They are two separate things.

In this episode, I discuss how knowing this will allow you to feel confident to open your options to doing something different.

What you will learn:

  • How to separate who you are from what you do
  • The importance of articulating the value you will bring to a role
  • How to write a compelling CV/résumé

How to separate who you are from what you do – so much of our identity can be wrapped up in what we do. After all, it may have taken you years to get there, or come with status or a sense of validation. However, tying your identity to what you do rather than who you are can hold you back from making a career change.

The importance of articulating the value you will bring to a role – your focus should always be on demonstrating your value, showing that you can deliver on what is needed and required. This holds greater weight than experience.

How to write a compelling CV/résumé – what makes a CV/résumé stand out is when you demonstrate the value you brought, the results you achieved and the problems you solved for your current and previous organisations.

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