In this episode I discuss why wanting more for your career is not a bad thing.

I also share the story of a client I spoke to recently who was experiencing self-doubt and guilt about going for a role in a different department at the same company.

Perhaps you worry about what other people might think about your career choices. Whether it’s a boss, colleague, a friend or family member, other people’s opinions can easily impact the decisions we make and inadvertently cause us to choose a different path.

When you are thinking about your career, I want you to remember it’s a two way thing. You are there for a reason, that’s why they hired you. What’s your reason for applying/ working there?

This is often why your professional development plan comes up at interview stage. If you are ambitious it’s not likely that you will stay in that role forever. Rather than being sad or thinking bad of you, a good line manager will support you in your decision to move department.

If your company knows that you’re brilliant and you can add value, they would much prefer an internal move, rather than a move to another organisation. It’s likely that they will respect the fact that you are making efforts to better your personal and professional development.

So, what makes sense for you in terms of your next role?

The time you spend at work is a lot of time. So if you spot an opportunity, you need to check in and make sure you aren’t making assumptions about the reaction you will receive.

I want to encourage you to focus less on what other people think about a decision and focus more on whether this is the right decision to be making for you.

What you will learn:

  • How to recognise the self-imposed barriers of career change
  • Why investing the time and energy into making a move is worth it
  • How to put your career goals front and centre, despite what other people think

How to recognise the self imposed barriers of career change – your own perceptions of other people’s thoughts can all too easily stop you from going for what you want.

Why investing the time and energy into making a move is worth it –  if this is the year that you want to make a career move, it’s going to need a little effort to kick-start the process.

How to put your career goals front and centre, despite what other people think – by silencing those self-made assumptions, you can leave space to consider whether a decision is truly right for you.

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