Today, we kick off the #creatingyourflexibility series, where I interview mums who have decided to create their own flexibility by launching their own businesses.

In this episode, I speak to Gwen Klisa, a brand expert, and business coach. We discuss tips on how branding can help to launch and grow a business the right way. The principles she shares can also apply to those working on building a personal brand to advance in their corporate careers.

What You Will Learn: 

  • How to feel better about your branding
  • Tips for getting out there and validating your business idea
  • Changing schedules as your children grow up
  • Pivoting when your business ideas don’t work out.

Links & References: 

Gwen’s Website 
Gwen’s Facebook Page
Gwen’s Instagram
The Careers Beyond Motherhood Community
The Collective Membership


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