This week on the show I am celebrating my 8 year anniversary by inviting my husband to join me. People often ask me how I manage to juggle my legal career with growing a business and raising a family. My short answer is with the support of my husband. Today, I am taking you behind the scenes on the balancing act.

On this episode we share our journey from meeting at university, spending time apart for a year, getting engaged and then married, starting a family and navigating our careers in between. We really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, we hope you enjoy joining us.

Here is a flashback to our wedding day (such a great day!)

What you will learn:

  • How we met and started dating
  • Our engagement story 
  • How being out of work turned into a blessing in disguise that allowed Colin to bond with his daughter
  • How we managed our respective careers whilst starting and growing our family
  • Why more dads should take advantage of Shared Parental Leave

Links and references:

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Here is a flashback photo to our wedding day



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