Money Management

In today’s episode we are talking all things money, money, money. Whether you are balancing your personal finances or growing a business we all know how important it is to understand those figures….but have you given much thought to why it is so important? This week on the show Christina Sjahli breaks down why we need to be more intentional about money management.

What you will learn:

  • How Christina rebuilt her finance career from scratch after relocating
  • Why Christina walked away from her finance career after reaching the C-suite
  • Simple ways to get started with tracking your personal or business finances
  • Why making more money is pointless if you are not doing some simple but important things
  • How increasing your cash flow can lead to making a BIG impact in the world

Links & References:

Christina’s Podcast
Christina’s Website
The Collective Membership
Career Kickstart Program

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About Christina

Christina’s career spans 20 years as an auditor, a consultant and part of senior management to the online world. She is on a mission to partner with 6 to 7 figures entrepreneurs to successfully scale from 6 to 7 (or 7 to 8) figures, improve cash flow and profitability and translate vision and long-term strategy into positive cash flow.

Having spent her entire career in senior positions inside medium-to-large, publicly traded companies in North America, Christina knows EXACTLY how critical cash flow is to the success of any business. As a result, she is able to leverage firsthand, in-the-trenches financial experience to help businesses analyze and improve cash flow, create customized, detailed financial forecasts and models, ensuring sustainability, scalability and increased profits.

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