In today’s episode, I’m talking about using redundancy to your advantage from a career perspective.

Here is what you will learn: 

  • What you can accomplish in unprecedented times
  • There is opportunity in redundancy
  • The power of a positive mindset
  • How to approach your transition plan

What you can accomplish in unprecedented times

We are in unprecedented times and it is tough for a lot of people.  If you’ve been made redundant, In usual circumstances, being made redundant can be viewed as a negative reflection on your performance performance. When you’re in the midst of a pandemic, when the economy is impacted, things are different, perspectives are different.  If you were to be made redundant, right now, it’s not really about you specifically and your particular performance. It’s about the marketplace and what is really happening on a wider scale.

There is opportunity in redundancy

Oftentimes there’s an element of taking it personally when we link redundancy to the job that we do. There’s opportunity and redundancy is because you have the opportunity to take a step back and really look at what it is that you’ve been doing in your career so far and how you can use and leverage what you’ve been doing so far to move you in a slightly different direction or to a slightly different organisation or a completely different direction, organisation or industry. Now is a great time for you to be focusing on being strategic about the moves you want to make.

The power of a positive mindset 

It can be a struggle to get into a positive mindset. But you have to take action and not let being unable to find opportunities and negative self talk get you down. Start celebrating your accomplishments. Growth and development can lead you to excel in other areas. So make a list of those accomplishments, and start from there to build yourself up to having a positive mind set. If you decide to do something different, even if you decide to move into a slightly different way of working, you get to take all of the experience that you gained before and you get to repackage it, you get to redirect it and potentially do something different.

How to approach your transition plan

Going through that whole process of reflection and then looking at what the possibilities can be exciting. You can choose how you go about looking at it. If you want to support with figuring out what’s next, then I encourage you to reach out. I have opened enrolment for the Career Clarity Academy, my group coaching program. Book a call with me at

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