In this episode, I will be speaking with one of my alumni clients’ Angie Bryan who went through my Clarity Career Academy Program. She transitioned from being a Hypnobirthing Practitioner to pursuing a career as a Relationship Coach and Author. Join us as we hear about Angie’s journey to gaining clarity around what she really wants to do next in her career.

What you will learn: 

  1. How helping people to connect can give you exciting results
  2. How group settings can be powerful and draw out your creative prowess
  3. The potential of taking action despite the uncertain times
  4. What happens when you set and commit to achieving big goals

How helping people to connect can give you exciting results

One of the many things that can be joyous in one’s career goals is finding a niche or passion such as helping people to connect, which can ultimately lead to exciting results. Angie was able to experience this as she found herself in hypnobirthing. As a mother of two, she could see the relevance in this field and soon started helping couples in a hypnotic and mindful state connect with their bumps as she likes to call it.

How group settings can be powerful and draw out your creative prowess

Being apart of the CCA community was powerful for Angie. She thought being apart of a community was helpful in pushing past the fear of the the things that she didn’t think were possible for her.

The potential of taking action in uncertain times

The pandemic has cost people their jobs and livelihoods. However, the potential of taking action in uncertain times is so much better than many assume. You have to be persistent and find ways to achieve your goals. Angie talked about how the pandemic has changed so many fields and it couldn’t be a better time to reflect on what skills you have and implement them in an area they’d be interested in.

The power of setting and committing to achieving big goals

Angie initially said she would love to write a book, as though it was something she wouldn’t be able to achieve. However when she shifted her belief around what was truly possible for her, she made the decision to become and author and the right action steps flowed easily from there.

Links and References

To learn more about Angie’s hypnobirthing courses, you can find more information here. Angie is also running a free pregnancy support group called the Stork Club and you can reach out to her for additional info at her social handles below.

Where you can find Angie Bryan



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