We are back! We are kicking things off with a round-up of the top tips for integrating work and family life from Season 1 guests. 

Figuring out how best to balance all the different elements of work and family life can be challenging, and even more so when you try and figure it out alone. Hearing the experiences of others can be very encouraging and inspiring. If you want to hear the full interview with any of the guests featured on today’s show, you can go back and listen to the following episodes:

Jayne Backett – Episode 20: Making Partner Whilst Raising A Family 

Marissa Lawton – Episode 3: How To Find Time To Do More Of What You Love

Robin Kegerise – Episode 18: Create A Role That Works For You 

Katy Jay – Episode 2: How Systems And Automation Will Change Your Life

Tara Clancy – Episode 13: Literacy, Courage And Facing Your Fears 

Sunit Suchdev – Episode 10: The Importance of Self-Care for Mums 

Danielle Roberts – Episode 4: How To Get Organised And Increase Efficiency

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The Being More Than A Lawyer Facebook Group

The Smooth Return Course 

Free Resource Library 

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