Balancing thriving business and family with Stu Mclaren


In this episode, I speak to Stu Mclaren. He is an amazing father and successful entrepreneur who shares his perspective on balancing a thriving business and family. Work / Life Balance is something that we are all working towards right?!

Many working mums wonder whether starting their own business will be the answer to creating the perfect work/life balance. The reality is that running a business will only offer you the flexibility that you require if you create and stick to proper boundaries.

Stu shares how his career has developed and the way he approaches running his business so that he can prioritise time with his family. Stu also talked about the impact the charity he started with his wife is having in the lives of children in Kenya.

What you will learn:

  • Why Stu decided to quit the “perfect” corporate role before he even started it.
  • How not knowing what you want to do can lead to success.
  • How to make sure your highest priorities remains your highest priorities.
  • Important life lessons that you can teach your children on the go.
  • The impact of goal setting as a family.
  • What it looks like to launch and grow an impactful charity.

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