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Finding the right work schedule for you and your family can be challenging. There are so many moving parts when it comes to achieving good work/life integration. In this episode, award-winning copywriter, entrepreneur and mum of 2, Tarzan Kay shares how she created a work schedule that truly works for her young family.

After realizing her passion for copywriting, she decided to invest in building a business helping companies copywriter. Tarzan shares how important it is to create the right boundaries when managing the demands of growing a thriving business and parenthood. 

Here is what you will learn:

  • Why Tarzan loved law school but didn’t become a lawyer
  • How she decided to become the sole breadwinner for her family
  • What happened after her surprise pregnancy
  • The importance of having the right people around you
  • Why “letting it be easy” is such a great life motto

Quote of The Day:
“Let it be easy”

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About Tarzan

Tarzan is a conversion copywriter who specializes in fun-to-read, more-addictive-than-Game-of-Thrones launch copy. She also helps freelancers and service providers package up their magic and turn it into products that sell.

In a previous life, Tarzan was a music major and – like so many copywriters – did a 3-year stint in law school, en français! She found her way to the online space through blogging and social media (“Whassup, overdue credit card bills and low-paying clients!”).

Today, Tarzan calls herself the Empress of Email, and teaches other freelancers how to price their services, close higher ticket packages and attract the best clients using her signature method: Celebrity Marketing.

When T-Money’s not in “Mob boss mode,” she likes to take mid-day dunks in the pool (even at frigid temperatures), stage backyard episodes of Ultimate Beastmaster, and sing show tunes in the shower.

Tarzan currently lives in Niagara with her partner, 2 kids and the feisty furball, Cosmo.

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