This week on the show, I interview one of the awesome ladies in my monthly membership community, The Collective. It has been so great to see Katherine’s (aka Katy) progress.

When she first joined The Collective she was negotiating a flexible return to work and now she is launching her podcast where she will be sharing tips on organization and productivity. As busy mums there is always so much to do, listen to Katherine’s tip

She is sharing some of those tips with us today.

What You Will Learn:

– How being part of The Collective has helped Katy to achieve some of her professional goals –

– Top organisation hacks for busy mums
– Easy ways to boost your confidence before a job interview
– How to be present in parenting

– The best way to launch a passion project

More About Katherine: 

Wife, mom of two little ones, instructional designer, and recently turned Podcaster, Katie Tupy has a passion for enhancing the organization and productivity of women in their homes with strategies which can be implemented today. After the birth of her son, she began working part-time which allowed for more family time and the freedom to really dig into what she loved – making spaces function and talking to other mothers about how to make it all work. With a love of podcasts, a speech communication minor under her belt, and background in educating adult audiences, the natural next step for her to start her own podcast in 2019 “Do It Well.”

Links & References:

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