In this episode I interview Deborah Ager, Book Mentor and Founder of Radiant Media Labs, who helps clients write books that build their businesses and their personal brands. She also shares how she balances her career with being a mum.

If you are anything like me, writing a book has been on your bucket list for some time, but it has always seemed like such a huge task. Well, I am so grateful that Deborah breaks things down today and shows us how simple writing your book can be.

What you will learn:

  • Deborah’s interesting career journey to date.
  • The importance of looking at your plan from your employer’s point of view and thinking about what would entice them to say yes to your proposal.
  • How Deborah’s unique approach helps people write books that others actually want to read.
  • Why self-publishing could be a good option for getting your message out to the world faster.
  • How her love of writing has passed on to her daughter.

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