I absolutely love hearing success stories. Particularly from women who have made amazing progress towards their career goals.

In today’s episode, we are celebrating the success of Christina Kyriacou who landed 2 amazing job offers in less than 90 days. Christina who is alumni of The Career Clarity Academy was committed and dedicated to her career change journey which led to awesome results.

What you will learn: 

    • How Christina felt before embarking on this journey
    • Why her initial attempts at finding a new role were not working
    • The power of being in a community of likeminded people
    • The lessons she is taking forward into her new role.

Links & References:

The Career Change Bootcamp 
The Career Clarity Academy 

If you are ready to be inspired to move towards your career transition, tune in to this episode.

Enrolment is for the next cohort of The Career Clarity Academy is open until noon on Friday 31 January.

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