In this episode, I speak to Arianna Toboada about a very important topic, maternal health. As mothers, our needs and desires often put on the back burner as we tend to other very important priorities.

Maternal health is important at the beginning of the journey and throughout the various stages of parenting. Arianna shares how she transitioned into her post motherhood career and now helps women manage the demands of working motherhood.

What you will learn:

– How a change in policy lead to Arianna’s focus on supporting mums

– A useful tool for finding the right support in motherhood

– Unique struggles that self-employed women face after maternity leave

– Changing the approach to planning to fit in with each stage of life and motherhood.

More about Arianna

Arianna is a maternal health researcher, author, and owner of a consulting firm that helps female founders intelligently design maternity leave plans that meet their business model and personal needs. She draws from her expertise as a maternal health professional, combined with her experience as a business owner and mother, to provide highly personalized services for service-based entrepreneurs. Prior to her consulting practice, Arianna worked on maternal health issues for over a decade as a health educator, a social worker in a mental health clinic, a reproductive health researcher, and a yoga therapist

Links and References:

Instagram: @ariannataboada


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