Starting a business and working for yourself is the dream for many people, especially when you are fed up with your current role and need a change. In this episode we are giving you the lowdown on what it really looks like to start and grow a business.

My guest is Liana Wilson-Fricker. She is a California-bred optimist with over 15 years of experience in community building and grassroots marketing. As Founder of The Inspiration Space, Liana connects the dots between aspiring entrepreneurs and the diverse network of mentorship and support that they need to succeed.

Working in collaboration with the University of Winchester Business School and a network of partners, Liana’s brand of community management gives people easy access to the content, peer-support, and motivation they need to create a successful business during this technology-driven industrial revolution.

What you will learn:

  • How to leverage the experience you already have to get started in business
  • The challenges that come with building a business around your young family
  • The power of solving a problem through your business
  • How to know whether starting a business is right for you

Links and references:

Career Clarity Academy

The Inspiration Space



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