In this episode Janine helps you get clear on figuring out why you want a career change.  She delves right into the piece of the missing puzzle a lot of people overlook when making this decision.

The next five episodes will be sharing some key things that you really need to be considering and working through so that you can kick start your career change.

What you will learn from this episode:

1.  Understand how to go deeper into your core reasons for wanting a career change.

2.  Learn about the ‘5 Whys’ exercise to gain clarity on your next move.

3. Understand how to delve into your core reasons for wanting to change careers.

4. Discover your true motivation for wanting a career change.

Spend some time doing the exercises given in this episode and connect with Janine and fellow aspiring career change makers here:

Tune into day 2 of the Career Change Maker Sprint Challenge >>

For more information about The Career Clarity Academy, click here


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