Welcome to Day Two of the Career Change Makers Sprint Challenge.  In this episode, Janine breaks down some of the key things you need to be considering as you embark on your career change journey.  

As you listen, you will be challenged to really think about what you would like your life to look like holistically.  Janine will guide you on what to consider when thinking about the type of role you are looking for as shares her knowledge to help you get clarity.

What you will take away from this episode:

  1. An understanding that your work and your life are not two separate things.
  2. Gain clarity on how you want your work and personal life to co-exist.
  3. How to change your approach to thinking about what your new career direction looks like.
  4. Exercises to help you get clear on what is really important to you.

Make sure you spend some time doing the exercises given in this episode and then connect with Janine and fellow aspiring career change makers here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/careerchangemadesimple/

Tune into day 3 of the Career Change Maker Sprint Challenge >> www.lightboxcoaching.com/episode91

For more information about The Career Clarity Academy, click here

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