Giving Back

International Justice Mission

It always feel good to give back doesn’t it?! Here is an opportunity for you and I to give back together…

Each time you purchase a product or service from LightBOX Coaching, 10% of the the money you spend with us will help a person in need.

During my time in East Africa I worked alongside three amazing organisations;  the Lawyer Christian Fellowship (Lawyers of Hope), WorldVision and The International Justice Mission.

I had the privilege of taking part in legal training that transformed lives and offered people access to Justice. I have seen first hand how these organisation are making an amazing difference in the lives of people in need.

There are some real tragedies happening daily across the globe. Whilst we can’t change everything in an instance, we can each make a difference to one person at a time.

Join me in supporting The International Justice Mission as they work to put an end to modern day slavery, human trafficking and police brutality.

If you are a LightBOX client, 10% of the money you spend with us will go to The International Justice Mission. If you want to donate additional funds click here

Keep spreading love and positivity into the world.

Janine xo

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