Keep building career success beyond motherhood

You want to have it all

You’ve always been able to plan ahead and been great at transitioning into new phases (new role, new firm, new city even) but this working motherhood thing…..

This is new.

It’s unknown (to you) and uncharted territory. You worry that you won’t be able to handle it or do it well – and the whole thing feels scarily out of your control.

We hear you.

There is no bigger change a woman can go through than first becoming a mother and then becoming a working mother – the good news is you don’t have to go in blind and you don’t have to do it alone.

We help women like you who have recently navigated the scary, crazy, life-changing, amazing journey that is motherhood to figure out what is next for their careers beyond motherhood and negotiate for what they want.

You want to continue to develop professionally and make an impact in your career without missing that quality time and all of the important milestones.

Becoming a mum changes EVERYTHING.

But it doesn’t have to change your status as a working professional. You can continue to build a career that you love and enjoy.

You may have swapped your Longchamp bag for a Pacapod changing bag for a period. And your shopping trips were probably replaced with online shopping carts (thanks Asos!).

But you are ready to dust off those heels and get back in the game.

It is not easy and you may wonder whether you can tap into your years of expertise beneath the many things on your mummy to do list.

With the right support, strategy and systems, you can totally bring your A game to your work and motherhood.

Let us show you how…

You can have it all


Support for women building their careers beyond motherhood


Inspiration, tools & strategies to help you reduce the struggle of the juggle


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