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THANK YOU for agreeing to help me to relaunch my podcast as the Career Changer Maker Podcast!

I am excited to share my Career Change strategies to help as many people as possible move into roles that are fulfilling and impactful via the podcast. 

Here is a quick rundown of what you can do to support the launch:

Launch day is Monday 3 August 2020. We’re aiming to rank in the top 20 of the UK podcast charts for the Career catrgoy and below is the plan to do that.

Listen to Episode 89 – 93

To kick off the new show, I will be running a five day career change challenge across the first 5 episodes (89-93). 

Your ‘To Do’ List:

1. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts (iTunes)










2. Download all the available episodes

When you subscribe, download episode 89 and then each of the subsequent episodes next week. You can also go back and download some of the pre-episode 89 episodes 


3. Give a Rating and Review

Nothing helps more than a great rating and review. Please share your thoughts on the show.

Watch this video for guidance on how to leave a rating and review 👇👇

4. Share with Your Audience

The more shares the better. Whether it be social media mentions, a blog post or shoutout on your podcast, every little bit helps!

The link to share is:

I have included images below that you can share. 

Sample Tweets

If you are considering a career change, check out the new podcast from @JanineEsbrand:

Ready for a career change? Listen to this new podcast from @JanineEsbrand:

So excited about this. @JanineEsbrand just launched her career change podcast. Listen here:

Want to learn how to make a career pivot? Listen to this podcast with @JanineEsbrand:

Sample Facebook / LinkedIn Posts

(use the graphics below to add to your posts)

If you want to make a career change, check out the new podcast from Janine Esbrand:  [INSERT IMAGE]

Interested in making a career move? Listen to this new podcast from Janine Esbrand:  [INSERT IMAGE]

So excited about this. My friend, Janine Esbrand just launched her new career change podcast. Listen here: [INSERT IMAGE]

Want to learn about changing career direction? Listen to this podcast with Janine Esbrand: [INSERT IMAGE]

I’m loving this new podcast from Janine Esbrand — all about how to change careers [INSERT IMAGE]

Launch Squad Prize

Every person who is part of the Launch Squad who completes each of the above steps will have the chance to win a £100 amazon gift card.

You will need to do things to be included in the draw: 

1. Email screen shots to show that each of the above steps was completed to; and

2. Tag me on IG @careerchangemaker or by name on other platforms when you share the show on social. 

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