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In Their Own Words…

Hey lovely lady! If you’re ready to make a change in your career, so that you can love the work that you do, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few stories from past clients:

Rashida Abdulai

International Arbitration Lawyer

“On my return to work following the birth of my son and the new set of priorities this gave me, I found I suddenly had more questions than answers when it came to my career. I searched for a coach who would ‘get it’ and help me navigate various issues, including choosing the right career path for me. By asking probing questions and talking me through my responses, Janine helped me to find clarity about my future direction in just one session. I came away rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Janine!”

Serena Spink

Employment Lawyer

“With bounds of energy, positivity and enthusiasm combined with pragmatism, experience and the ability to think outside the (light)box, Janine ensured I came out of my career mapping session with a clear idea of my next steps. She helped me to assess my priorities for a career move and offered gems of wisdom that will help me on my way to my next role. Janine is a good listener and it was great to be able to discuss my queries and concerns with her. She is a fantastic coach and a great role model for women.”

Ola Williams

In-House Legal Counsel

“LightBox Coaching is amazing! Janine is so talented – with a listening ear she creatively offers advice and insight, providing step-by-step guidance to get you from A to B. I’m ready to tackle the week ahead with confidence and looking forward to my next session!”

Stephanie Pincher

Construction Lawyer

“Janine is an excellent life coach who I would certainly recommend. At a time when I was feeling rather anxious about starting maternity leave, the course she ran helped build my confidence in believing I can have a great career and be a good mum. Her delivery of the course together with her understanding and passion really helped to encourage me and put my mind at ease about a pretty huge lifestyle change.”

Komal Monsoor

Digital Marketing Strategist

“Janine has been extremely helpful in every aspect of my job search. After becoming a mum, going back to work seemed like an uphill task and I am so lucky to have found Janine as my career coach. She not only helped me get my CV in tiptop shape but also gave me valuable interview tips. Whether it’s confidence building, tapping into the hidden job market with referrals or providing networking opportunities, she has immense knowledge in all key areas. I feel prepared to get back to work and would highly recommend her as a career coach. If you’re a mum looking to return to work, Janine is the person to go to.”

Isobel Sita-Lumsden

Marketing Director

“The course forced me to face up to the situation and start thinking things through – I think it was great timing to do it at this stage of my maternity leave, as now I feel more confident putting a good return to work plan in place, and have enough time to do so. It has taken a lot of the anxiety out of my looming return, so hopefully I can really enjoy my last few months of leave.”

Mai Mguyen


“During this job transition period, I’ve been incredibly blessed and had the opportunity to meet some exceptional individuals.

“One of those individuals is Janine. Job transition periods can be really challenging, and can have negative effects on many levels. An efficient way to avoid falling into the trap of negativity, or the trap of making hasty fear-based career choices, is to get the guidance of a career coach from your own field.

“Today I had my first session with Janine, and I really enjoyed the experience.

“Firstly, it’s really helpful to have some insight from someone who has a lot of experiences working in the legal field. Secondly, the session I had was tailor made accordingly to my specific needs. Thirdly, right from the start, she gave me tools and techniques I can implement straight away to increase my chances of landing the position I’ve always dreamt of. And, finally, Janine is a person who has a lot of active listening skills. She is definitely a very special career coach.”

Lia Machado

Real Estate Lawyer

“The sessions with Janine have simply opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my professional life. I have recently changed jobs and had a session before the day I actually started. With Janine’s help, I was able to work out what I wanted from the job and what my goals were, as well as how committed I was to succeeding and sticking to those goals.

“I could not have arrived to the conclusions I did without Janine’s expertise, because I did not know how important those changes were to me! I was able to stick with my plan and I am so pleased that I am succeeding.

“Janine was insightful, caring and had brilliant ideas and ways of thinking that I’m trying to stick to and implement permanently in my life. My mantra now is that “there is no such thing as work-life balance, work needs to balance the life I want to live”. It’s not easy, but with Janine’s help I’m sure I’ll succeed.”

Nicola Steele

Head of Finance

“I met Janine at an event for working mothers. I was looking to move jobs but felt stuck. Janine helped me drill down on what I really wanted so I could focus my efforts in the limited time I had available as a working mum. She gave me incredibly helpful tips on how best to use LinkedIn to lead me to the right opportunities rather than reading endless email job alerts. When I found the right role, she provided interview practice and feedback, which meant I walked into my interview feeling confident and prepared.”


Real Estate Lawyer

“I joined The Collective shortly after returning to my legal career following the birth of my first child. I  was really anxious about how I was going to juggle work and life and whether I could keep the two worlds (and my two personas) apart. The Collective provided me with useful resources to challenge my perception of what it means to be a ‘working mum’ and inspired me to shape my new life as a working mum in a way that works for me. I would definitely recommend The Collective to those who are trying to work out what their ideal “working mum” life looks like and how to achieve just that.”

Lucinda Acland

Community Manager, Obelisk Support

“We were delighted with the workshop that Janine delivered at our Friday Live event. Obelisk consultants have a great reputation for being capable, experienced lawyers, able to slot into a team’s culture. We help them develop this ability through workshops demonstrating how to build confidence and resilience in the workplace. Janine’s legal background and training are spot on for this topic. Her workshop gave clear and valuable tools to our consultants and she has a very professional delivery and engaging manner – practising what she preaches! We will definitely have her back and can strongly recommend her.”

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