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On my return to work following the birth of my son and the new set of priorities this gave me, I found I suddenly had more questions than answers when it came to my career. I searched for a coach who would “get it” and help me navigate various issues, including choosing the right career path for me. By asking probing questions and talking me through my responses, Janine helped me to find clarity about my future direction in just one session. I came away rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Thank you Janine!”

Rashida Abdulai

International Arbitration Lawyer

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What We Can Do For You

Returning to work after a career break can feel like a maze. There are so many things to navigate; childcare, part-time work, flex-time, industry restrictions, value shifts, confidence dips and the list goes on. 

We provide support through our signature course, membership community and private coaching. 


     The Collective is a monthly membership designed to support working                  mums navigate their careers beyond motherhood.

      Through virtual group coaching, tailored training and guest                                    expert sessions, we help you to find new roles, change career                              direction, negotiate flexibility, go for promotions, grow your new                          business and more.


     The Smooth Return Course is our signature course which              prepares the woman on maternity leave or career break to          return to work with confidence.
      We help you to nail those working mum logistics, feel great        about getting back to work and feel great about the next              phase of your career. 


confident working woman   

    Our executive coaching sessions will help you to negotiate the next stage in your career.            You may be applying for a new role, seeking flexibility in your current role or embarking on      a career change. Our collaborative coaching approach helps you to get the clarity you need      and the strategy that is necessary for success. 



From Our Founder

Be Intentional and Strategic 

Life as a working mum can be great. You get to blend doing work you are passionate about outside of the home and raising the amazing little people that you love so much. 

Finding the right balance can be tough, so it is so important to get strategic about achieving your career and motherhood goals.  

I would hate for you to miss out on living a lifestyle that allows you to thrive. This is not the time to be passive. 

Let me help you get clear on what you want and use proven strategies to continue making an impact in your career beyond motherhood. 

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