Job searching can be a long drawn out process. After jumping through the application hoops, you must turn your attention to interview preparation. This stage can be challenging and frustrating at times.

I spoke to a friend the other day who told me that her husband had just completed the 5th round of interviews for a role. At this point, he was pretty confident that he would secure the position.

A few days later she told me that he didn’t get the job. The company decided to go with another candidate.

What?! After all of that time and effort, they just decided to go with another candidate?!

Did they not care that he had to prepare each time and take time off from his current job to attend these interviews?

The short answer is no. They didn’t care….not enough to offer him the job anyway.


Because it was not about him. The company’s primary concern was their hiring needs.

Boost Your Chances of Interview Success

To increase your chances of interview success you need to shift your mindset and start thinking like the hiring manager of the company you are applying to.

Here are three things that a hiring manager is thinking about.

1. Recruitment Costs

Making a poor hiring decision can cost an organisation a significant sum.

If a company is using a recruitment agent, they will be paying thousands of pounds in fees (whether fixed or commission based) and they will need to invest resources into training the successful candidate.

If a new employee leaves within months of being hired because things don’t work out, the whole recruitment process would need to start again. It is understandable that they want to make sure they get it right the first time round.

2. Company Objectives

There is a reason the company is recruiting for the position. They may be expanding, there may have been an increase in customers or someone may have left.

The hiring manager will be looking for different attributes in a candidate depending on the reason behind the hire.

If the company is hiring because of an increase in customers, they are going to want someone who can “hit the ground running ” and built rapport quickly.

Take time to find out why the company is hiring and share examples or information in the interview that showcases how you can help them to achieve their objectives.

3. Team Culture

Organisations hire people that they think would be a good addition to their department or team.

Do your research about people in the team you are seeking to join. Linkedin is a great resource for this. If you find any common interests, mention them in the interview.  Be personable and show the real you and you will make it easier for the interviewer to see how you will fit in the team.

Start Thinking Like A Hiring Manager

So, when preparing for your next interview remember that as much as you think you are a good fit, it’s not all about you.  Consider how you can demonstrate that you can help your potential employer to meet their pressing needs or objectives.

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